The Most Precise Method of
Gauging Actual Lifetime of Your Satellite

YSPM offers companies assistance in multiple areas of satellite support, with a major emphasis in providing the accurate estimation of remaining propellant for satellites in flight. We conduct estimations for satellites with mono and bi-propellant propulsion systems, multi-tank propulsion systems with no propulsion seperation valves, whether or not the satellite has been designed for thermal gauging, etc.

YSPM supports satellite operators in their analysis and finding solution for different thermal and
propulsion problems.

YSPM is able to support all existing Platforms, including, but not limited to:
TAS SpaceBus
Astrium/EADS EuroStar
Boeing SS 376, 601, 702, 702B
LM A2100, 3000-7000
SS/Loral FS1300
Orbital GEOStar

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