Our Team

Dr. Boris Yendler - CEO and Principal Consultant

Dr. Boris Yender formed YSPM in the summer of 2011 after working at Lockheed Martin Corp. (LM) for 15 years. Being a hands-on person, he is actively involved in development and perfecting of TGM by leading a team of engineers as well as the day-to-day operations, at the same time defining strategic direction for the company.

While at LM, Boris was involved in development and refinement of a thermal method for propellant estimation.  Due to his work, the accuracy of thermal gauging method has significantly increased.  Boris extended the thermal method outside Lockheed Martin to various satellite manufacturers, BSS 376 and 601, SS/Loral FS1300, Astrium EuroStar, TAS Spacebus, etc.  For his successful work for USAF, Boris and his group received the USAF Chief of Staff Team Excellence Award.

Boris worked successfully in different areas of thermal subsystems. He has initiated development of advanced heat pipes, Capillary Pump Loops (CPL) and Loop Heat Pipes (LHP) for deployable radiator; optimized, improved reliability and cost-efficiency of the inertial welding; solved thermal problems, like, overheating of Earth sensor, thermal effect of antenna on transponder panel, etc. He developed an innovative approach for a heat shield of a re-entry vehicle which replaces disposable tiles with a re-generated heat shield. The approach was presented at several international forums.

Dr. Yendler holds M.S. in Thermo and Fluid Dynamics from St. Petersburg Polytechnic Institute, Russia; and Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering/Mathematics from St. Petersburg University, Russia. He held two post doctoral positions, Chemical Engineering Department of Stanford University and NASA Ames Research Center.

Boris is the author and co-author of many papers published in scientific and trade journals. He presented at numerous domestic and international conferences and meetings and was a moderator for several sections in those conferences.

YSPM Technical Team includes:

  • Senior Systems Engineer responsible for SW tools development,
    18+ years of experience.
  • Spacecraft Thermal and Power subsystems specialist responsible for thermal model development,
    5+ years of experience.
  • Mechanical Engineer experienced in development of satellite thermal models.

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